Ajooni 17 May 2023 Written Story Update

Ajooni 17 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Amrit expressing to Subhash that she has known Shanky since they were children and warns Subhash to be cautious, as Shanky is capable of anything. Subhash reassures her, mentioning that Ravinder has promised to handle Shanky. However, Amrit advises Subhash not to trust Ravinder. Tejender informs Subhash that Ravinder doesn’t care about their family, which explains why Shanky hasn’t been arrested yet. Rajveer vows to prevent Shanky from entering the house. Tejender answers Shanky’s call and instructs him to meet at the godown. Meanwhile, Ravinder reprimands the servant and Bebe for opening Shanky’s room, emphasizing the need to protect Meher’s marriage. He threatens to shoot Shanky if he comes across him.

Shanky informs Tejender that Ravinder is actively searching for him. Tejender advises him to spend the night in the godown and promises to take him to the wedding venue the next day. Shanky’s marriage is seen as a way to create a rift between Ravinder and Rajveer.

Ajooni inquires if Rajveer managed to get any sleep, to which he responds that she doesn’t understand Shanky’s nature and how he can betray anyone. Ajooni reminds him of Ravinder’s promise to protect Meher’s marriage. However, Rajveer expresses his inability to trust Ravinder after the attack on Ajooni. He asserts that he cannot back down from his responsibility and promises to stay vigilant and protect Meher’s marriage.

The following day, Bua oversees the decorations and commends Rajveer for taking care of everything. Bharat tells Bua to relax and not interfere because Subhash had already explained all the tasks to them. Subhash arrives and praises Rajveer for his efforts. Suddenly, Ravinder enters with a gun, insisting on speaking to Subhash alone. He takes Subhash outside the house, leaving Rajveer and Ajooni concerned about the situation, speculating that something must have occurred for Ravinder to arrive in such a manner with a gun.

Subhash approaches Ravinder, concerned, and asks if everything is alright. Ravinder discloses that Shanky managed to escape from the Bagga house but assures Subhash that he has brought his men to handle the situation, alleviating Subhash’s worries. Grateful, Subhash thanks Ravinder and heads back inside.

Rajveer discovers that Shanky has escaped and immediately informs Ajooni about it. He sarcastically remarks on Ravinder’s incompetence in letting Shanky slip away. Ravinder, acknowledging his mistakes, admits that his past actions have led to the current predicament.

Later, while driving, Tejender spots Ravinder. Sensing the urgency, Shanky suggests disguising himself, but Tejender dismisses the idea, stating that they cannot deceive Ravinder in that manner. Instead, he proposes that they bring a gift for Meher’s wedding, using it as a cover or distraction.

Meher prepares herself as the bride, and Ajooni compliments her on her appearance. Meher expresses her fear that Shanky might show up, but Ajooni and Rajveer assure her that Shanky won’t be able to enter the house. Ajooni offers juice to Ravinder, who takes the opportunity to mention how much the Baggas are suffering in her and Rajveer’s absence. He blesses Ajooni, and Rajveer arrives, taunting Ravinder. Rajveer then escorts Ajooni inside the house.

Tejender arrives with a box, claiming it to be a gift for Meher’s wedding. Ravinder insists on inspecting the box before it can be accepted. Amrit voices her complaints about Ravinder to Rajveer.

[Episode End]

Precap : Shanky clandestinely infiltrates Meher’s house.

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