Ajooni 9th May 2023 Written Story Update

Ajooni 9th May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The scene begins with Subhash pointing fingers at Ajooni, accusing her of tarnishing their family’s reputation. Ajooni breaks down in tears, and Subhash goes on to blame the Baggas for ruining the lives of both his daughters, leaving him worried about Meher’s marriage prospects. Suddenly, Subhash clutches his chest in agony and collapses. The rest of the family grows anxious and summons a doctor for help. Meanwhile, Shanky reaches out to Amrit and informs her about the ongoing situation. Despite being physically assaulted, Amrit urges Shanky to endure it all for the sake of their ultimate goal and guides him on the next step to execute their plan.

Upon finishing his examination of Subhash, the doctor exits the room. Ajooni eagerly inquires about his condition, to which the doctor responds that Subhash’s blood pressure is elevated and recommends keeping him away from stressors. Ajooni announces that she will visit her father, but Neeru and Dimpy intervene, advising her against doing so because he is currently upset with her. Rajveer supports their suggestion and escorts Ajooni away.

Ajooni unintentionally injures herself as she places her hand on Diya. Rajveer intervenes and inquires as to why Ajooni’s father holds animosity towards him, much like Shanky. Ajooni accuses Rajveer of behaving in a manner similar to Shanky during their marriage. This revelation shocks Rajveer, who loves Ajooni and had no intention of causing her family any pain. He apologizes to her, and Ajooni embraces him in a hug.

Dadi and Neeru urged Meher to drink something, but she remained unresponsive. Suddenly, a ringing sound of the doorbell caught their attention, and Dimpy rushed to open the door. It was Ravinder, who had arrived to apologize for his son’s mistake. However, Neeru was not convinced and told him that his sorry would not change anything. She mentioned how her elder daughter Ajooni’s life had been ruined by marrying Rajveer and how her other daughter’s life was now in danger. Biji tried to calm Neeru down, but Rajvinder asked her to express her frustration. He wanted to know what happened so that he could punish Shanky accordingly. Just then, Subhash arrived and offered to explain the situation to Rajvinder.

Subhash confronts Ravinder and challenges him to hear the truth. Subhash accuses Rajveer of ruining Ajooni’s life in the past and now Shanky has destroyed Meher’s life. Subhash reprimands Ravinder for constantly blaming others without being able to listen to the truth. He asks Ravinder to consider the possibility of the same thing happening to his daughter, Dolly, and reminds him of the time he slapped Bharat without even knowing whose mistake it was. Subhash then questions whether Ravinder can help Meher regain her respect.

Meher intervenes and requests Subhash to remain calm, explaining that Shanky did not physically harm her, he only locked her in a room. Subhash acknowledges Meher’s statement but states that the people in the colony may not believe her side of the story, and it’s impossible to provide her with a character certificate. He questions Ravinder on the fact that he accepted Rajveer as his son, but now that he’s proven himself not to be, will he do the same with Shanky?

Ravinder warns Subhash to stop, but Subhash refuses to back down, stating that he’s no longer scared of Ravinder. He asks Ravinder to leave their home. Ravinder agrees to leave but promises Meher that he will ensure the culprit is punished and justice is served. He then exits the scene.

In this piece of text, Bebe reveals to Shanky that he is the designated successor to their family and urges him to avoid making any further errors. Shanky confesses that he recently went to meet Meher to express his love for her and discuss their future together, but did not have the opportunity to do so. Bebe inquires about Shanky’s love for Vohra’s daughter, to which Shanky responds by stating that Meher is a kind and well-educated person who he believes can positively influence him, much like Ajooni did with Rajveer. Shanky goes on to suggest that it would be beneficial for their family if Meher were to come live with them, much like Ajooni now lives with Amrit’s family. Bebe agrees and promises to speak with Ravinder about it. Shanky expresses his gratitude towards Bebe for her understanding and embraces her. [Episode End]

Precap : Ravinder overtook Shanky on the street and escorted him to Rajveer’s residence. Once they arrived, Ravinder made Shanky kneel at Rajveer’s feet, claiming that he had served justice.

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