Udaariyaan 18 May 2023 Written Story Update

Udaariyaan 18 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Sartaj earnestly urging Nehmat to lend him her ears. He expresses, “I am compelled to confess that I no longer wish to be engaged to you. The inner Sartaj, who once shared your beliefs in love, relationships, and loyalty, is now deceased. Throughout my life, every connection I’ve had has inflicted emotional wounds upon me and exploited my vulnerability, regardless of the person involved.” Ekam and Harleen make their way towards the gathering, causing Satti to inquire about the situation. Renuka insists Ekam reveal what he knows, while Jasmin fervently speculates, “Please don’t tell me you took a drastic step. Did she reveal our secret to someone?” Naaz, concerned for Nehmat’s well-being, queries their whereabouts, asking if Sartaj is safe. Sartaj, with a resolute demeanor, asserts, “When a person who lives for their relationships discovers betrayal, they undergo a profound transformation, resembling the person you see before you. I have become someone who utters bitter truths and harbors deep-seated mistrust. I have remained here solely to demonstrate that love is nothing but a fallacy. I shall substantiate this claim, and if anyone objects, they are welcome to reveal the truth to everyone.” The assembled individuals implore Ekam to disclose the ongoing situation, to which Sartaj intervenes, stating, “Allow me to enlighten you all.”

Sartaj declares that everyone will receive the answers they seek today, causing Jasmin to fret. Just then, Rupy arrives and humbly places his Pagdi at Sartaj’s feet. Nehmat tries to stop him, and tears well up in everyone’s eyes. Rupy tearfully expresses, “Today, I am utterly shattered. I can no longer bear this pain. Please, do not tarnish my honor any further.” Nehmat then hands the Pagdi to Satti, while the melancholic tune of “Mann vich halla…” fills the air. Nehmat extends her hand towards Ekam, who steps forward and retrieves the rings for her. Sartaj assists Rupy in donning the Pagdi, and Nehmat presents the rings to Sartaj. With the melody of “Haye o biba…” playing softly, Sartaj selects a ring and Nehmat takes hold of his hand, gently sliding the ring onto his finger. Ekam sheds tears of joy, recognizing the profound gesture made by his brother. Nehmat and Sartaj exchange rings, eliciting smiles from everyone present. Renuka announces their intention to depart, stating they have no further business there. Ekam interjects, exclaiming that the celebrations have just begun, offering his congratulations and suggesting he take Sartaj to a special place. Sartaj agrees, acknowledging the idea as a favorable one, unable to refuse his brother’s request. Harleen affirms the plan, stating they will join them. Nehmat expresses her concern, noting that everyone is still present. Sartaj insists they proceed, and Naaz resolves not to let them go alone. Balbeer concurs, and Sartaj remarks that parties and outings are meant for children, not for the elders, jokingly urging Balli to explain this to his new wife. Harleen joins in the jesting, and the four of them depart. Naaz silently vows not to leave their side.

Satti and Swaroop engage in a conversation with Renuka, who resorts to taunting them. Rupy suggests that they leave, prompting Jasmin to agree and announce their departure. Swaroop advises Naaz not to stoop to Harleen and Nehmat’s level and become a contentious mother-in-law. They exit the scene. As the car travels, Sartaj brings it to a stop, pointing out a Golgappa stall to the group. They read the poetry inscribed on the stall’s banner.

Naaz becomes infuriated and questions Harleen’s perception of herself. Balbeer presents her with a ring, which brings a smile to her face. He expresses, “You mean more to me than any diamond. I cherish you deeply.” He adorns her finger with the ring, kissing her hand affectionately, and reassures her, “I know how to make you happy. You may be their mother-in-law, but you possess a beauty and youthfulness that surpasses them.” Sartaj suggests they proceed to enjoy some Golgappas, to which Harleen enthusiastically agrees, inviting Nehmat to join them. Ekam catches sight of Nehmat, and a wave of memories floods their minds. A flashback depicts Nehmat asserting, “I won’t go home without having Golgappas.” Ekam responds, “I understand. It’s your life, and I am nothing to you.” The flashback concludes, and Ekam contemplates, acknowledging Nehmat as his past. In turn, Nehmat reflects, recognizing that Ekam has found his answers and that their paths have diverged.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ekam indulges in spicy Golgappas, causing Nehmat to scold him for his choice. Meanwhile, Naaz silently contemplates her intentions, vowing to disrupt their happiness.

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