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Teri Meri Doriyaann 20 May 2023 Written Story Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 20 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Jaspal informing Akaal about Sahiba and Angad’s competition where they secured the contract and can effectively counter the negative publicity they have encountered thus far. Curious about the details, Akaal asks Jaspal how this came about. Akaal and Manveer commend Angad for securing the contract, but Veer interjects, revealing that it was Sahiba who actually saved the deal with her impressive pitch and designs. Veer informs the Brar family about Sahiba’s crucial role in rescuing the contract. Gurleen admires Sahiba’s accomplishment. Akaal questions Angad about Sahiba’s involvement in the business. Angad clarifies that Sahiba wasn’t directly involved; rather, the client was solely impressed by her idea and designs. Akaal reminds Angad that the women in their family should not participate in business matters. Hansraj and Jasleen make a disparaging remark about Sahiba, but Akaal intervenes, stating that the rule applies to everyone and emphasizes that the women in the family should refrain from engaging in business affairs. Angad apologizes to Akaal and assures him that he will not permit Sahiba to be involved in business again.

Garry initiates a video call with Jasleen and urgently requests her to send him some money as his card has been blocked. Jasleen, however, advises Garry to forget about the card issue and informs him that Sahiba has recently secured a significant deal for Brar Jewellers. Garry expresses admiration for Sahiba’s achievement and mentions that he owes her many favors. Recognizing an opportunity for Garry to reconcile with his family, Jasleen suggests a plan for him to reenter the house, reminding him that tomorrow is Angad’s birthday. She advises Garry to go to the office and humbly apologize to Angad by literally falling at his feet, as a gesture of sincerity in order to return home.

In another scene, Angad enters his room and discovers Sahiba in the midst of changing her clothes. Sahiba scolds Angad for entering the room without knocking, while Angad reminds her that it is, in fact, his own room. This disagreement escalates into an argument between Sahiba and Angad.

Sahiba and Angad later decide to engage in a game to determine who gets to claim the bed. Angad proposes a blindfolded challenge where he will throw a cushion and they must locate it. The victor will earn the right to occupy the bed. Sahiba agrees to the proposition. Angad blindfolds Sahiba first, and she reciprocates by blindfolding him. Unbeknownst to Sahiba, Angad attempts to gain an unfair advantage by holding onto the thread attached to the pillow.

Angad hands the pillow to Sahiba, and they both commence the search. Angad attempts to trace the thread to find the pillow, but in doing so, he accidentally collides with Sahiba. Consequently, he loses hold of the thread. However, Sahiba perseveres and manages to locate the pillow. Meanwhile, Angad eventually finds the thread and pulls the pillow toward himself. Sahiba accuses Angad of pilfering the pillow from her, while Angad retaliates by accusing Sahiba of removing her blindfold. In an effort to prove her innocence, Sahiba guides Angad’s hand to her own blindfold.

As Sahiba and Angad continue their dispute, they inadvertently become entangled in the thread and tumble onto the bed. Sahiba accuses Angad of cheating her, but he reminds her of his honest nature and makes a remark. Eventually, during the night, Sahiba settles on the bed while Angad resigns to sleep on the couch. Observing Angad’s discomfort, Sahiba compassionately invites him to share the bed, suggesting that they divide the sleeping space.

Later, Sahiba initiates a video call with Seerat to offer her encouragement and support in moving forward with her life. Sahiba invites Seerat to visit the shop, providing her with a second chance. Grateful for Sahiba’s kindness, Seerat expresses her thanks. Sahiba uplifts Seerat’s spirits and ends the call, leaving her feeling more optimistic.

[Episode End]

Precap : Angad is preparing to reveal his decision to his family regarding Seerat and Garry’s union. However, Sahiba strongly opposes this matrimony. Seerat, aware of Sahiba’s objections, implores Angad to promise her unwavering support throughout her married life with Garry. Angad willingly pledges his assistance to Seerat, and Sahiba witnesses this interaction.

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