Teri Meri Doriyaann

Teri Meri Doriyaann 14th May 2023 Written Story Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 14th May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The scene opens with Ajith inquiring about Seerat’s whereabouts to Santosh, while Sukhi reveals that neither Seerat nor Kirat is in the house. Concerned about what to say to the groom’s family, Ajith probes Santosh further about their location. Santosh discloses that Kirat had mentioned they left to stand up against the constant humiliation they had been facing. In a bid to keep the groom’s family occupied, Ajith and Santosh hatch a plan, hoping for Seerat and Kirat’s prompt return.

Seerat expresses her gratitude to Sahiba for believing in her and confessing the truth. When Sahiba inquires about Seerat’s prospective groom, Seerat reveals it to be Karan, her friend. Upon sensing Seerat’s hesitation, Sahiba asks if she truly desires to go through with the marriage. Seerat dismisses Sahiba’s concerns, stating that she must atone for her misdeeds and requests her to accept the unfolding situation. With that, Seerat departs from the scene.

Seerat taunted Garry, pointing out that he was now in the same situation as her. However, Garry reminded Seerat of their differing social statuses. Seerat retorted that Garry was nothing without the Brar family and warned him that he would soon understand the consequences of being expelled from them.

In his room, Angad erupted in anger, smashing photos and objects around him. Sahiba entered and asked Angad what was wrong. Angad asked if Sahiba had come to gloat and enjoy his pain. Sahiba reassured Angad that she had no pleasure in his suffering, and consoled him by saying that he was not to blame for the situation. Angad, admitting defeat, asked Sahiba to stay and celebrate her victory in the bet they had made. However, Angad’s mood shifted once again, and he asked Sahiba to leave, unable to hear her words of comfort. Sahiba left, sensing that Angad was not in the right frame of mind to listen.

Angad reminisces about happy memories with his siblings and feels a tinge of sadness. In the midst of his thoughts, Manveer enters his room. Mistaking her for Sahiba, Angad asks her to leave. However, Manveer refuses to go, telling him that she cannot leave him alone in this state. Realizing that it is Manveer, Angad accepts her presence.

The Groom’s family inquires about Seerat’s whereabouts, prompting Ajith to distract them. Gul and Nimmi join in, asking where Seerat is. Seerat appears and is questioned by Ajith about where she went. She bravely admits that the marriage will not proceed. Seerat apologizes to Karan, explaining that she cannot go through with the wedding because she does not want to deceive herself any longer.

Akaal and Jabjyot express their gratitude towards Sahiba for exposing Garry’s truth in front of everyone. Jabjyot admires Sahiba for fulfilling her responsibilities as Angad’s wife and as a daughter-in-law of the family. However, Sahiba humbly responds that she only did what she was supposed to do.

Despite Akaal and Jabjyot’s request for her to stay, Sahiba decides to leave since she has proven her innocence. Angad inquires about her destination, to which Sahiba responds that she cannot continue living in a household where their family has been insulted multiple times. Angad reminds Sahiba that he had asked her to stay if she won the bet. Nevertheless, Akaal urges Angad to not let Sahiba go.

[Episode End]

Precap : As Angad drives the car towards Sahiba’s house to drop her off, she remarks on his peculiar behavior. She notices that he seemed reluctant to let her leave his house earlier, but now he is willingly dropping her off at her own place. Later, Angad approaches Ajith and Santosh to express his remorse and offer an apology.

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