Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 19 May 2023 Written Story Update

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 19 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

Eisha asks Veer what happened and what was happening. Veer tells Eisha to sit down and apologizes for pushing her. He admits that he turned her into a wolf and made her drink his blood, which caused her mother to disappear. He believes that life is a joke and that it won’t last long. Eisha asks him to explain further, and Veer confesses that he doesn’t have much time left to live. Eisha apologizes for not speaking kindly to him at the funeral. Veer expresses his belief that nobody would talk to him because he hasn’t been a good friend to Eisha, a good brother to Armaan, and love has made a mockery of him. Eisha reassures him that he will find true love someday, despite his heartbreak with Kaviya. Veer realizes that he mistook his feelings for Kaviya as love, when it should have been Eisha. Eisha stands up, and Veer mentions that Eisha loves Armaan. He believes that Armaan and Eisha will always be happy together. Kaviya arrives and sarcastically asks if she’s interrupting the lovebirds. Eisha questions Kaviya’s presence, and she reveals that she came to give a gift from Armaan, which was sent by Sikander. Armaan sacrificed his own life to save Veer and is now serving Sikander. Eisha asks what Sikander wants, but Kaviya refuses to answer, stating that Eisha doesn’t need to worry since she has both brothers. Kaviya shares that it’s all a fun game, as she has done something similar. Finally, Eisha makes Veer drink the blood.

Sikander brings a person to Armaan and mentions that it’s been a while since Armaan last killed a person. Sikander threatens to kill Veer unless Armaan agrees to kill the girl in front of them. Armaan reluctantly ends up killing the girl, resulting in her death. Sikander then takes Armaan to another place where Bheem is present with a girl whose face is hidden. Sikander orders Armaan to kill her to prove his loyalty. It turns out the girl is Tina, and when she pleads with Armaan not to kill her, emphasizing their friendship, Sikander forces Armaan to choose between friendship and loyalty. Tina desperately requests Armaan not to harm her, explaining that she is not associated with Kaviya. Sikander threatens to give Armaan Veer’s lifeless body if he refuses to comply and kill Tina. Armaan expresses regret for a mistake he made a century ago and confesses that he is making another mistake now to save his brother. He clarifies that his actions are driven by his brother’s life being at stake. Armaan apologizes to Tina before reluctantly taking her life. Armaan breaks down in tears. Bheem questions Sikander’s motive for keeping Armaan close, considering that Armaan is his enemy. Sikander explains that Armaan poses a potential threat to him.

Cherry complains about having to do the assignment even though she’s a wolf. She doesn’t like it because being a wolf ruins her manicure every day. She doesn’t want to study anymore because she can’t be a good wolf and doesn’t want to harm Laksh. Eisha informs Cherry that Armaan’s phone is turned off because he accepted Sikander’s control to protect Cherry and Veer. Cherry is surprised and Eisha explains that Armaan was forced into it because Sikander is very powerful. Eisha promises to find out where Armaan is. Maya arrives, and Cherry hides.

Sikander expresses his intention to find Mahesh and attack their leader, Avesh, who is on top of a mountain. Maya warns Eisha about an animal attack that occurred today and advises her to stay away from the jungle. She also mentions that she will inform Mahir and expresses concern for Cherry. Eisha suggests that Cherry should meet her mother and tell her the truth, emphasizing that she is still her daughter. Eisha decides to go to the jungle, suspecting that Armaan might be responsible for the attack.

Veer is at a bar and he starts talking to a woman. Eisha arrives at the bar. Cherry goes to Mahir and tells him that she doesn’t know how to control herself and stop feeling the urge to bite. Mahir comforts Cherry by hugging her and tells her that he understands. He suggests that they help each other. Mahir’s mom overhears their conversation and puts a plant called Shamtulsi in Cherry’s drink. Cherry drinks it and starts choking. Suddenly, she transforms into a wolf.

Armaan asks Eisha if she was jealous when she saw him with another woman. Eisha responds by asking if Armaan cares about his missing brother. Veer interjects, saying that it’s his brother’s choice. He suggests that Eisha can cry in front of his brother’s photo. Eisha defends her brother, saying that he sacrificed himself to protect Veer. Armaan mentions that their guru, Armaan baba ji, made a sacrifice for him. Eisha points out that Armaan acts cool and indifferent, but she knows he flirts with random girls when he’s stressed. Armaan arrogantly replies that he flirts because he is attractive and asks Eisha what perfume she is wearing. He then pushes Veer. Veer holds Eisha back, while Armaan warns her not to get romantic with him. Eisha reminds them that they need to focus on finding Armaan.

[Episode End]

Precap : Veer and Eisha go to the jungle. They discover Tina’s lifeless body. They decide to track Mahesh by following his footprints. Armaan engages in a battle with the Mahesh leader.

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