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Rabb Se Hai Dua 13th May 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 13th May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The scene opens with Hina expressing her disappointment to Gazal about the Mudhikhana rasam that she had planned to organize in a grand manner, which was ruined by Hameeda. Hina decides to cancel the event and inform everyone about it. However, Gazal interrupts her and suggests that they shouldn’t allow Dua and her mother to see them in pain. Gazal proposes that they should still proceed with the rasam and explains that Dua and her mother are trying to ruin their happiness and separate Haider from Hina.

Gazal shares her frustration with Hameeda, who insulted her and the family, and with Dua, who is pretending to be sick to gain attention and prevent the rasam from happening. Gazal reveals that Dua’s mother is supporting her daughter’s plan to ruin their happiness and drive Hina out of the house.

Hina questions how they can organize the rasam without Dua’s interference, given that she is locked in her room and following her mother’s instructions. Gazal suggests that Hameeda is planning to take Dua away from the house, which would make it easier for them to proceed with the rasam. Hina expresses her willingness to see the rasam through, but Gazal warns her that it could lead to Dua’s victory in separating Haider from her and driving her out of the house. Gazal makes it clear that if Hina is willing to take that risk, she is willing to leave the house.

Dua is attempting to drive a wedge between Hina and Haider, threatening that if Hina doesn’t take action against Haider, he will leave her forever. Hina, however, is newly married and doesn’t want to cause any trouble. Gazal, another member of the family, complains that no one accepts her as a daughter-in-law, but Hina assures her that she will arrange a grand Mudhikhana rasam as punishment for Hameeda’s actions.

Gazal realizes that Hina is easily manipulated and decides to take advantage of her. Meanwhile, Hina confronts Dua in her room, wondering why she hasn’t left yet. Dua is hurt by Hina’s lack of trust and asks why she’s punishing her like this. She demands to know Hina’s true intentions and whether she truly considers her a friend and daughter.

Hina claimed that she deserved whatever was happening to her and instructed Hameeda to keep quiet. According to her, her true colors had been revealed and she didn’t want to pretend in front of anyone. She acknowledged that she was the reason for all the trouble and asked Hameeda to understand her daughter’s point of view. She insisted that they didn’t want their daughter around anymore and asked Hameeda to take her away. Hameeda was so angry that she raised her hand to slap Hina, but Dua intervened and stopped her.

Dua reminded Hameeda that she was Haider’s mother and shouldn’t behave in such a way. Hina pointed out that she was in her own house and Hameeda had raised her hand against her. The argument between Hameeda and Hina escalated, and they both engaged in a heated exchange.

Hameeda reminded Hina to consider her upbringing before pointing her hand at Dua. She also pointed out that it was not Hina’s house, and Rahat had given half of her life to Gulnaaz. She seemed to have forgotten this fact and acted as though she owned everything. Hameeda reminded her that when she was alone with her children, everyone blamed and ridiculed her after Rahat married Gulnaaz. She also reminded Hina that Gulnaaz had half of the rights in the house. Hina tried to stop her, but Hameeda continued, saying that when her past flashed up, she cried. She questioned Hina about what she had done to her daughter while she was arranging a ceremony for her rival.

Hameeda relayed that Hina takes pride in her family, which also includes Gulnaaz. Meanwhile, Gulnaaz was ridiculing Dua’s suffering and cursing Hina. Hameeda was about to direct her ire towards Haider as well, but Dua intervened and prevented her from doing so. Subsequently, Hina departed from the scene, and Dua managed to calm down Hameeda. She explained that Haider was not at fault, recounting the entire situation. Upon hearing the truth, Hameeda was left stunned.

[Episode End]

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