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Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th May 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The scene commences with Hameeda slapping Gazal and admonishing her for entering their household as Dua’s friend but ultimately causing harm to her family. Hameeda believes that a person as despicable as Gazal has no place in their home and demands that she stay away from them. Despite Gazal’s attempts to defend herself, Hameeda warns her to keep quiet or face dire consequences. Hameeda makes it clear that she is not as soft-hearted as Dua and is capable of seeking revenge and imparting lessons to others. Hameeda is perplexed as to why Gazal would bring a rival into their household and demands an explanation. She further adds that if Gazal’s parents were alive, they would be ashamed of her, and her actions would prevent their souls from resting in peace.

Hameeda questions Haider about his decision to marry Gazal instead of Dua. She comments on Gazal’s beauty, noting that anyone who lays eyes on her will be entranced, but she can’t understand why Haider chose to bring her into their home. Gazal wonders why Haider is remaining silent, thinking that he should have complimented her beauty. Hameeda shares her disappointment with Hina, saying that she would have accepted a beautiful enemy like Gazal as Haider’s choice, but she cannot fathom how he allowed a “dirty” girl into their home. Dadi interrupts Hameeda, asking her to stop.

Hameeda expresses her trust in Dadi and her disappointment with Haider’s decision. Gazal asks if she can do anything to help the situation, but Hameeda informs her that she wants to take Dua back with her and remove her from this “hellish” environment. Haider and Gazal both have different thoughts on the matter, but Dadi reminds Hameeda that without Dua, their house is not complete. However, Hameeda remains firm in her decision and announces it to everyone. Noor and Gulnaaz plead with her not to take Dua away, as they cannot imagine living without her. Hameeda responds coldly, telling them to die if they cannot handle it. Gazal sees an opportunity to cause chaos and thinks about showing hell to Gulnaaz after Dua’s departure.

Rahat implores Hameeda to refrain from taking Dua from this place. Hameeda inquires as to why he is making such a request. Rahat explains that a son often follows in his father’s footsteps, and if the father strays down the wrong path, the son may also follow suit. Hameeda refuses to heed their advice and tells them not to ask her to reconsider. Hameeda calls out to Dua, and Haider falls to his knees in front of her, pleading for her not to take Dua away from him. Gazal thinks to herself that she is his everything and that he loves her, but she should not beg for Dua’s custody. Haider beseeches Hameeda not to take Dua away from him, as he cannot bear to live without her. Hameeda reminds him that he had forfeited his rights when he had ruined Dua’s life, and demands that he reveal the truth about why he had married Gazal. Gazal worries that if Haider reveals the truth, her plan will be foiled. Haider looks at Gazal and wonders whether he should keep the truth hidden from everyone. He tells Hameeda that he does not have an answer to her question. Hameeda warns him not to interfere if he cannot answer her inquiry.

Dadi affirms Hameeda’s correctness and acknowledges that everyone caused a lot of pain to Dua. She believes that if Dua continues to stay with Hameeda, at least she will remain alive, rather than dying in agony. Haider tries to dissuade Dadi from speaking in such a manner, as he fears that he may be punished for his mistake. Dadi reveals that Dua has locked herself in a room and urges her to call out, as she might open the door for her. Hameeda instructs her son to make arrangements to leave and implores Dua to open the door, but Dua refuses to meet her. Haider hands the key to Noor and instructs her to open the door, but Hameeda forbids her from meeting Dua. Upon searching for Dua in her room, Hameeda is taken aback to discover her hiding under the bed. Seeing Dua’s condition breaks Hameeda’s heart, and Dua clings to her, weeping. Hameeda consoles her and wonders why Dua did not inform her about her troubles, given that she always came to her when she was hurt. Dua confides in Hameeda and shares her grief, admitting that she concealed it for the sake of her reputation. Hameeda informs her that tears cannot buy everything, as some things are too precious, and warns her that she may make them shed tears for betraying her.

[Episode End]

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