Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 22 May 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 22 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Mohan earnestly pleading to Lord Krishna for Radha’s protection until he reaches her (Title song playing in the background). Meanwhile, Radha experiences excruciating pain and notifies Lord Krishna that it appears she has dislocated her shoulder, causing her to sit down.

Simultaneously, Damini assures Rahul that she is innocent and hasn’t done anything wrong. Kaveri questions Rahul’s suspicion towards them, emphasizing their unity as a team. She assures him that if they had taken any actions, they would have informed him accordingly. In agreement with Kaveri, Damini adds that she genuinely has no knowledge of Radha’s whereabouts. Perplexed, Rahul questions why they are celebrating if they don’t know where Radha is. He asserts that Mohan deserves to be aware of the celebration, and prepares to contact him. However, Damini intervenes, halting Rahul and shocking him as she reveals her plan to harm Radha.

Radha struggles to rise, her face contorted in agony as she lets out a piercing scream. The excruciating pain in her shoulder compels her to acknowledge the urgent need for treatment.

Rahul, concerned about Radha’s whereabouts, approaches Damini for answers. With a heavy heart, Damini discloses that Radha is currently confined to the cold storage room, facing a fate that would likely have claimed her life by now. Shocked, Rahul expresses disbelief, never having fathomed that Damini was capable of such a lethal act. Overwhelmed by the gravity of the situation, he refuses to offer his support and resolves to reveal the truth to Mohan.

In response, Damini counters Rahul’s intentions by revealing that Mohan had prevented him from entering the office, while granting Radha permission to join. She believes that someday Mohan will wholeheartedly accept Radha, paving the way for her to become the rightful owner of the office and the house. This prospect leaves Rahul pondering his own future, as Mohan’s mother asserts that all the properties rightfully belong to Mohan and his wife.

Meanwhile, Radha becomes aware of blood trickling down her forehead. Instinctively, she realizes the necessity for protection and utters sacred chants, seeking a shield to safeguard herself.

Damini informs Rahul that Ketki has suddenly become Radha’s closest friend. This development causes everyone to gravitate towards Radha, leaving Rahul feeling isolated and fearing financial ruin. Rahul is faced with a crucial decision: whether he desires Radha’s demise or not. He reflects on the incident when Mohan slapped him in defense of Radha and recalls how she assured him of her support. She proposes that if she marries Mohan, Rahul will receive half of their shared properties. Kaveri, apprehensive about the consequences of Rahul’s refusal, believes that everything will fall apart if he doesn’t agree.

Meanwhile, Radha acquires a sheet of patterned paper and conceals herself beneath it, accompanied by the playing of the song “Radhe” in the background.

Damini discloses to Rahul that they did not directly cause Radha’s demise. Rahul gives her permission to proceed with her plans but under the condition that he won’t be implicated if she gets caught. Damini agrees and instructs Rahul to remain silent until Mohan discovers Radha’s whereabouts. Just then, Mohan arrives and inquires about Radha’s whereabouts.

[Episode End]

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