Parineetii 12th May 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 12th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene opens with Tao ji showing his support for Parineet, while Bebe advises them to do as they wish and avoid future regrets. Sanju feels responsible for Parineet’s condition and regrets his actions. He sympathizes with her and acknowledges that he cannot take away her happiness. Sanju receives an unexpected call from the inspector regarding the postponed abortion, which worries Neeti about getting caught. Sanju informs them of the Inspector’s request to meet, and Parminder stops Neeti from accompanying him, urging her to stay with Parineet. Monty goes with Sanju instead. Neeti feels helpless and blames Parineet for ruining her plans, and fears being caught if Raghu reveals their names. Despite this setback, Neeti acknowledges that Parineet is still alive, and their plan did not succeed.

In a subsequent scene, Bebe questions Maya about why she did not perform an abortion on Parineet. Maya responds by stating that it is impossible to terminate a pregnancy in their state as Parineet’s health is delicate and her blood pressure is high. Despite this, Bebe persists in pressuring Maya to carry out the procedure, even offering her money to do so. However, Maya, being a doctor, refuses to take such action, explaining that her duty is to save lives and not to end them. Bebe still insists, but Maya remains firm in her decision not to commit the illegal act. Later, Neeti arrives to thank Maya for her assistance and Maya explains her situation before departing.

Neeti informed Sanju that something significant had occurred, prompting Sanju to visit the Inspector. Sanju was worried that Raghu had been arrested by the police, and Neeti warned Bebe that they could be in trouble if Raghu revealed the truth to the authorities. Bebe comforted Neeti, but Raghu called during their conversation. Bebe scolded Raghu for not answering his phone and demanded to know why the Inspector had called Sanju in the morning. According to the Inspector, Raghu had attempted to murder Parineet and was currently on the run. The Inspector urged Sanju to apprehend him as soon as possible and informed him that Raghu had been spotted near Sanju’s house. Raghu admitted to Bebe that he had been seen near her house, but demanded that she pay him the money he was owed for his services. Bebe explained that she had been occupied with helping Parineet terminate her pregnancy and promised to pay him later, but Raghu insisted and insulted her before hanging up.

The inspector informed Sanju that Raghu had attempted to murder Parineet. Sanju asked why Raghu would want to harm her since she had no issues with him. The inspector explained that Raghu was a criminal who would do anything for money. Sanju suspected that Raghu may have planned the attack, despite having saved Parineet twice before. The inspector warned Sanju that Parineet was still in danger and advised him to contact them if there was an emergency.

Raghu threatened Bebe, warning her that he would ruin her life if she failed to pay him. However, Bebe was not afraid of him and refused to give in to his demands. She didn’t tell Neeti about the threat, and Neeti was too afraid to say anything about the situation.

Sanju noticed someone following him and chased after Raghu. Meanwhile, Bebe warned Neeti that Raghu was coming, and Neeti began to panic. However, Bebe encouraged her to stay calm and go outside for some fresh air.

Elsewhere, Gurinder shared her sorrow with Parminder, mourning the loss of her grandchild. Parminder sympathized with her and explained that Parineet did not want to carry the baby and suggested that they consider an abortion.

Later, Sanju got into a fight with Raghu and decided to take him back to his house.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sanju is going to bring Raghu to his home. Neeti and Bebe will be astonished to see him. Parminder inquires about his identity, and he confesses to being the one who attempted to murder Parineet. According to the inspector, a family member was involved in this crime.

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