Parineetii 10th May 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 10th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The conversation between Gurinder, Pami, and Gurpreet becomes heated as accusations fly back and forth. Gurinder asserts that they trusted Pami with their daughter and that she should be grateful they got her married to their son. Gurpreet counters by saying they bought their son from Pami and that everyone in the village knows about her lack of respect. Gurpreet believes Pami orchestrated the marriage for financial gain, and accuses her of selling her son for the land. Pami interrupts, saying that she doesn’t want her daughter burdened with a child she doesn’t want and that getting an abortion would be best. Gurpreet becomes emotional, defending her daughter and accusing Pami of not considering her as her own child. Gurinder claims that Pari is only crying because she knows she will be kicked out after the abortion. Salojna arrives and asks for an explanation of the argument.

Gurinder insists that we must respond to her as she came here with the intention of fighting. Salojna believes that Gurinder sent her daughter to camouflage her true intentions. However, Gurpreet argues that her daughter does not pretend anything and always speaks the truth. Salojna counters by saying that Pari’s real character has been exposed as she was only pretending to be nice. Gurpreet clarifies that Pari treated them as her own family and only agreed to be a surrogate for Neeti, who cannot conceive a child. Salojna accuses Gurpreet of defending her daughter by stooping low. But Gurpreet asserts that Pari has made her own decision and no one can force her to have an abortion. Gurinder interrupts and reminds everyone that the fate of the child is in the hands of Neeti and Sanju, not Gurpreet or Pari. Neeti is the mother of the child, and she has the right to choose whether or not she wants Pari to be her surrogate. In conclusion, everyone supports Neeti’s decision.

In this scene, Pari approaches Gurpreet and gives her a warm hug, but Salojna remarks sarcastically that now the daughter has also arrived for the drama. Pari invites Gurpreet inside, but Gurpreet refuses, stating that she will never enter that house as those people are selfish and never value her. Pari defends herself, stating that she did nothing wrong and that even her beloved Neeti is upset with her and wants her to abort her child. Pari questions Neeti’s accusation and Gurpreet agrees, stating that they only think about themselves. However, Gurinder interrupts and demands that Pari gets an abortion, but Pami steps in and apologizes to Gurpreet, pleading with her to stay the night as it is late. Gurpreet refuses but accepts Pami’s apology and embraces Pari in tears.

Upon returning to her room, Pami was greeted by Tao ji who asked what had happened. She expressed her difficulty in sleeping, overwhelmed by the amount of chaos occurring around them, and feeling helpless as their happiness seemed to be slipping away. Tao ji comforted her, advising her to listen to her heart as the decision they were facing was significant. Pami revealed that Gurpreet had visited and shared some information with her. Tao ji sympathized with Gurpreet, acknowledging that she had gone through a lot as a mother and that they had always trusted Pari. However, they had unintentionally hurt Pari and were unsure of what was right or wrong. Pami admitted her fear of making the wrong decision, struggling to stand against someone she had previously trusted so wholeheartedly. Despite her doubts, the evidence presented had left her feeling uncertain of her own judgment.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sanju expressed disbelief to Pari, saying he couldn’t believe she was capable of something. Pari responded by telling him not to believe it and to trust her instead. However, Sanju’s attention was diverted when he received a call from the inspector, prompting him to go to the police station. Once there, the authorities informed him that Raghu had been identified as the attacker of Pari. Salojna then called Raghu, who revealed that the police had spotted him outside Bajwa’s residence.

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