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Naagin 6 20 May 2023 Written Story Update

Naagin 6 20 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Professor Jeet Patel pretending to be injured, informing Prarthana that as soon as he discovered Mahek’s true identity, he hurried to prevent her. He rises and boldly asserts, “Naagin, you cannot harm this country, and I will put an end to you.” Mahek challenges him to fulfill his threat and swiftly strikes him with her tail. Prarthana engages in a fierce battle with Mahek, who declares her intention to eliminate Jeet that very day. Mahek urges Prarthana to leave if she desires to save her father. Determined not to lose Jeet again, Prarthana insists he accompanies her, giving Mahek a signal as they depart together. Mahek accuses the Professor of betraying her and joining Prarthana. Meanwhile, Purvika approaches Meher, noticing her distress, and inquires about the reason. Meher confides that she feels lost since learning the truth about her birth parents. Purvika reminds her that she has been blessed with a sister. Jeet, Naina, and Manjeet arrive at their location, offering them food. Manjeet emphasizes the honesty of children. At the same time, Param returns home and informs Naina that he had lost his way but was guided correctly by someone. In a restaurant, Ajay and Suwarna sit together. Ajay expresses his gratitude to Suwarna for bringing joy and fulfillment into his life. Suwarna reciprocates, confessing her feelings for him. Just as Ajay receives an incoming call, he notices Mahek and Jeet seated in the same restaurant. Overhearing Mahek’s words about Prarthana’s obliviousness to her father’s treachery, Ajay decides to alert Prarthana.

Raghu reassures Prarthana, urging her not to worry, and informs her that Purvika is with Manjeet ji. Overwhelmed, Prarthana reveals that if she hadn’t arrived in time, Mahek would have killed him. In the midst of their conversation, Ajay attempts to call her, but Prarthana fails to notice the incoming call. She expresses her immense relief at finding her father and her determination not to lose him, emphasizing her desire to escape from the troubles that plague them. Meanwhile, Ajay persists in trying to reach Prarthana.

Observing Ajay’s unsuccessful attempts, Professor approaches him and questions whether Prarthana is intentionally ignoring the calls. This prompts Ajay to confront him, accusing the professor of betraying his daughter and their nation. Just then, Mahek arrives on the scene, asserting her disloyalty to her sister and dismissing Ajay as her false brother. She swiftly subdues Ajay and renders him unconscious. Moments later, they spot Suwarna approaching and hurriedly conceal Ajay. Suwarna wonders where Ajay has disappeared to, while a waiter approaches her and hands her a note from Ajay, explaining his sudden departure due to urgent matters. Suwarna departs, unaware of the true circumstances, while the waiter is revealed to be Trisha.

Meanwhile, Professor Jeet approaches Prarthana and places something on the table before her. He takes a moment to reminisce about their shared history, mentioning that he has prepared sandwiches for her. He entrusts Raghu with the responsibility of taking care of his daughter and departs. Sensing that something is amiss, Raghu becomes suspicious. However, Prarthana adamantly defends her father, convinced of his innocence. Later, Prarthana discovers Ajay’s missed call, bringing her attention to it.

Ajay finds himself trapped within the confines of a dark cave, his desperate voice echoing through the shadows. He confides in his companions, expressing his belief that Suwarna will embark on a quest to find him. Mahek, resolute, assures him that their message reached Suwarna. However, Ajay remains skeptical, convinced that Suwarna won’t believe it and will venture out in search of him.

Meanwhile, Purvika and Meher arrive home, accompanied by Manjeet and Jeet. The reunion between Prarthana and her daughters fills her heart with joy, a moment she never thought she would witness. Grateful, Manjeet expresses her appreciation to Prarthana for not tearing her apart from Meher. Prarthana reassures her that Meher will receive the love of everyone in the family, and they depart.

Concerned for Ajay’s well-being, Prarthana approaches Suwarna, anxiously inquiring about his safety. She fears that he may be in danger. Just then, Ajay himself appears, relieving Suwarna’s worries. He reminds her about Mr. Rishabh’s impending award ceremony, urging her to reserve their seats. Overwhelmed with relief, Suwarna embraces Ajay, admitting that she doubted his words and feared the worst. Ajay responds with sincerity, professing his love for Suwarna and expressing his desire to marry her. Suwarna’s heart fills with doubt as she realizes that he never proposed to her for marriage. Ajay departs, unknowingly leaving behind Mahek, who assumes his identity, confident that suspicion will not fall upon her.

In a chilling turn of events, Professor Jeet Patel renders Ajay unconscious, with Mahek making her way to the scene. Jeet Patel instructs her to sink her teeth into Ajay, bringing about his demise. With a sinister determination, Mahek promises to inflict a painful death upon him, sinking her fangs into his flesh. She reveals her plan to let her poison slowly course through his throat and body, ensuring his agonizing demise.

Prarthana, alarmed by Mahek’s treachery, confides in Suwarna, revealing that she witnessed Mahek’s true identity through a mirror. Suwarna’s realization dawns as she comprehends that Mahek has indeed abducted Ajay. Determined to rescue him, Suwarna resolves to confront Mahek directly. Prarthana cautions her, emphasizing the need for a carefully orchestrated plan to uncover the mastermind behind these sinister machinations, as well as Mahek’s husband, while also discovering Ajay’s whereabouts.

Raghu receives a call, and Prarthana urgently requests him to go to Parliament and bring their father along. Realizing Ajay’s phone might be engaged, she asks Suwarna to contact him. Prarthana emphasizes that their enemies are unaware of her true identity as Rishabh Gujral and Pratha’s daughter. Suwarna goes to meet Mahek, disguised as Ajay, and informs her that she has Trisha held captive. Mahek, unaware of the switch, attacks Suwarna. However, it is actually Prarthana in Trisha’s disguise, interrogating Mahek about Ajay and the missile. Mahek reveals that her husband has already taken the missile, taunting Prarthana that she won’t find out. Determined to protect her country, Prarthana declares that she is ready to sacrifice herself. Meanwhile, Professor Jeet Patel has taken the missile outside the parliament and is now inside. He states that prominent politicians and others will perish, and nothing can prevent the impending explosion. Raghu questions the professor about his whereabouts, to which he claims he went to the restroom. Purvika requests water, prompting Raghu to fetch it.

While checking Raghu’s phone, Professor Jeet Patel notices an incoming call from Prarthana and promptly ends it. Prashant informs Prarthana that the explosion will occur and pose a grave danger. Worried about Raghu’s unresponsiveness, Prarthana expresses her concern. Suwarna urges Param to locate Ajay, as he must fulfill his penance by assuming the Nevla’s form. Param agrees and arrives at the cave with other Nevlas. Suwarna arrives with a golden eagle and attacks Trisha. Ajay finally discloses to Suwarna that Prarthana’s father is the mastermind behind the plot, leaving Suwarna stunned. Prarthana arrives at Parliament and informs Raghu that Trisha’s father is the mastermind who planted the bomb. They utilize their powers to search for the missile but find nothing inside the parliament. Prarthana suggests they look outside, where they locate the missile. Determined to protect their country, Prarthana insists they take the missile far away from the site. Raghu assures her that he will dismantle it and ensure her safety. Prarthana, however, insists that nothing will happen to her and considers it her duty to save the country. She implores Raghu not to intervene and makes him promise not to stop her.

[Episode End]

Precap : Prarthana urgently conveys to Raghu the critical importance of preserving their country’s honor and reputation. Witnessing the imminent detonation of the Missile, she swiftly formulates a plan to remove it from harm’s way. Suddenly, an arrow is launched in her direction, causing her to stumble and collapse. Just in the nick of time, Jeet Patel arrives at the scene, sprinting towards them. Prarthana implores him for assistance, yet he bypasses her, astonishing her, and instead makes a beeline towards the perilous missile.

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