Meri Saas Bhoot Hai

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 19 May 2023 Written Story Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 19 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Gaura gazing at Som with teary eyes, her gaze then shifting towards Twinkle. Twinkle responds with a smirk. Overwhelmed, Gaura takes a step outside the house, while Som and Twinkle enter. Rekha becomes emotional, witnessing the scene. Gaura’s mind wanders back to when she performed the rituals alone, leading her to break down in heavy sobs. Som glances back at Gaura, their eyes meeting briefly. Gaura eventually leaves the premises, and Som watches her departure with a heavy heart.

Rekha expresses her happiness that Twinkle has become Som’s wife and is now a part of their household. However, she also shares her sadness over Gaura’s departure, acknowledging the immense help Gaura provided in arranging Som and Twinkle’s wedding. Rekha decides to meet Gaura, who is reminiscing about her moments with Som before making the difficult choice to leave. Rekha reaches out to Gaura, referring to her as “beti” (daughter). Rekha acknowledges that she cannot stop Gaura from leaving the house but expresses gratitude for the assistance Gaura provided. Gaura’s mind replays the insults and mistreatment she endured from Rekha, leading her to cry uncontrollably.

As Yamduts arrive, they approach Rekha and request her presence in paradise. Rekha agrees and joins them willingly. Gaura, on her way out, reflects on everything that has transpired and breaks down in profound sorrow.

At Shukla’s house, Ganga directs Som and Twinkle to their seats to commence the muh dikhayi ritual. She expresses her disappointment with Kanchan for not assisting her throughout the preparations, leaving Kanchan feeling upset. The guests mock Kanchan as Anchal ran away from the mandap during the wedding ceremony. Despite the commotion, Ganga urges the guests to proceed with the ritual. One by one, the guests present gifts to Twinkle and draw comparisons between her and Gaura, questioning whether Twinkle is morally superior to Gaura.

Rekha questions the Yamduts about her place in paradise, emphasizing her affluent background. The Yamduts inform Rekha that her position in the afterlife will be determined by her actions on Earth. Confidently, Rekha asserts that she will undoubtedly secure a place in heaven due to her virtuous soul. Chamanlal intervenes, preventing Madanlal from revealing any further information to Rekha.

Meanwhile, during the muh dikhayi ritual, Som reminisces about his moments with Gaura. He realizes that Gaura entered his life to bring him happiness. Meanwhile, the guests urge Ganga to present her gift to Twinkle for the ritual. Twinkle hopes to receive a diamond necklace so that she can wear it with her yellow saree during her honeymoon in Switzerland. She plans to take photos and share them on social media, aiming to provoke jealousy among her ex-boyfriends.

Rekha once again attempts to extract information from the Yamduts, but Madanlal asserts that they have no control and that everything lies with Chitragupta. Rekha belittles them both by referring to them as mere assistants. Meanwhile, Som overhears the guests discussing Gaura. They admire Gaura’s selflessness and discuss how her parents are unwilling to accept her back, leaving them to wonder where she will go. Worried, Som decides to leave the place. Ganga opens her jewelry box and selects a small chain, which she places on Twinkle, much to the latter’s dismay. Ganga asks Twinkle if she is unhappy with the gift, to which Twinkle indirectly taunts her and smiles. Kanchan warns Ganga about Twinkle’s behavior, and in her mind, Twinkle becomes determined to gain full control over the house.

As Gaura travels, she reflects on her life, comparing it to the wind. She imagines Som’s presence everywhere and breaks down. Just as an auto approaches her, Som arrives and saves her. Gaura is surprised to see him there. Som asks where Gaura is going and suggests that Pardeshi accompany her and drop her off at her house. Gaura asserts that she is no longer a child and can take care of herself. Som pleads with her to accept some money from him, but Gaura refuses, stating that their paths are now different, and she encourages Som to continue on his own path. Som gazes at her, deeply affected.

[Episode End]

Precap : Twinkle eagerly gathered her belongings, preparing for her honeymoon trip to Switzerland. However, Som approached Twinkle with unexpected news, informing her that they wouldn’t be departing for Switzerland the following day. This revelation left Twinkle utterly shocked.

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