Meri Saas Bhoot Hai

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 12th May 2023 Written Story Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 12th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene commences with Rahul dialing Kanchan’s number, followed by his contemplation on choosing between Twinkle and Chandni as his life partner. Kanchan promptly arrives, lauding Rahul’s presence. Rahul confides in Kanchan about his wedding-related apprehensions, stating that he has already completed half of the marriage customs with Twinkle, and he desires to perform the remaining ones solely with her. Otherwise, he declares his intention to renounce worldly life by heading to the Himalayas. Kanchan assures Rahul not to worry, as she has a foolproof strategy. She notifies Rahul of her intention to meet Twinkle to implement her plan.

During Rahul and Som’s wedding, Kanchan and Chanchal bring the chehra to Ganga. Ganga advises Kanchan to fully cover the faces of both grooms to make them unrecognizable. Chanchal questions Ganga’s advice, and Ganga mocks her before Pardeshi arrives and expresses his happiness. Despite his decoration ideas, Ganga scolds him and sends Chanchal and Pardeshi inside with the chehra.

Kanchan’s husband arrives and asks if their plan will succeed. Kanchan assures him that it will. Meanwhile, Gaura alters Rekha’s lehenga, which Twinkle previously refused to wear. Gaura decides to wear it for the photo session but worries about Som’s reaction. She recalls Rekha’s wish and ultimately decides to wear it secretly for a while.

In this scenario, Kanchan instructs both Rahul and Som to put on the chehra, and together they search for the photographer. Gaura requests the photographer to take a few photos, but upon noticing Chanchal, she hides. Chanchal leads the photographer to the family members, and they all take photos. Unnoticed by anyone, Gaura also stands there, revealing herself in the pictures. Rekha assumes that Twinkle is wearing her lehenga and decides to see her face. However, Gaura trips, revealing her face, shocking everyone who sees her in Rekha’s lehenga.

Som yells at Gaura and questions her for wearing Rekha’s lehenga. Gaura explains to Som that Twinkle refused to wear it. Som suggests that Gaura lie convincingly, and decides to confront Twinkle, forcing Gaura to accompany him. The rest of the family members also follow them. Meanwhile, Twinkle’s mother hopes for a peaceful wedding.

Som brings Gaura to Twinkle’s room to share Gaura’s accusations against her. Twinkle confesses that she had refused to wear a particular lehenga, which surprises Som and Rekha. Twinkle then questions Gaura about why she did not reveal the reason for her decision to Som, before disclosing that the lehenga had been burnt. Gaura clarifies that she had made alterations to remove the burnt portion of the cloth. Som asks Twinkle how the lehenga caught fire. Twinkle feigns gratitude and thanks Gaura for rescuing the lehenga from destruction. Twinkle then inquires about Gaura’s motive for wearing the lehenga, to which Gaura explains that she had hoped to bring happiness to Som and Twinkle by displaying the lehenga, as a symbol of Rekha’s blessings. Som apologizes to Gaura, who, upon seeing Rekha’s remorse, lashes out at them for being judgmental without hearing the other person’s perspective. Gaura mentions Twinkle’s name while expressing her dislike for the word “sorry,” which leaves everyone bewildered.

[Episode End]

Precap : Rekha discovers Kanchan’s scheme to substitute the bride by administering a sleeping pill to Twinkle. Subsequently, Rekha escorts Gaura towards the wedding altar where Gaura is taken aback by something she sees.

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