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Lag Ja Gale 12th May 2023 Written Story Update

Lag Ja Gale 12th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene opens with Ishani noticing that Bhupen is restless. She questions him about his belief that he can escape her grasp. Despite her numerous warnings, he fails to realize that his scheme has been exposed. Ishani advises him to confess his wrongdoing instead of foolishly persisting with his plan. However, Bhupen is not willing to back down yet. Ishani informs him that time is running out and urges him to admit to his crimes. If he refuses, Sumith will reveal the truth and expose him. Bhupen inquires about Sumith’s whereabouts, to which Ishani provides him with his phone number. She encourages him to contact Sumith, who will come forward and reveal the truth to everyone.

Bhupen declares that he will not spare her life today, but how will she reveal the truth? He throttles her and admits his misdeeds in a fit of rage, blaming her for his mistakes. In the nick of time, Shiv arrives to rescue Ishani.

Shiv confronts Bhupen, who accuses Ishani of framing him. Kiran, who overheard everything, is disgusted by Bhupen’s actions. Shiv reminds Bhupen that he allowed him to stay in the house, but Bhupen betrayed his trust. Shiv and Bhupen engage in a physical altercation until Yash intervenes. Kiran disowns Bhupen, and Shiv reveals that he punished Ishani for Bhupen’s wrongdoing.

Bhupen admits that he was coerced by Smith to commit the crimes. Yash reveals that Ishani was wrongly accused, and Lal exposes Bhupen’s scheme to murder Shiv and conduct drug deals in his name. If it weren’t for Ishani and Puja, he would have succeeded in transferring the money to his account. Ishani warns Bhupen that his game is up, and the police are on their way to arrest him. Bhupen challenges her to produce evidence against him, but Randeep arrives with Sumith, who confesses to all the crimes, exposing Bhupen’s guilt.

Meena pleads with the police to let Bhupen go, but Shiv insists on her arrest.

Shiv kneels down and expresses remorse to Ishani for his error. He acknowledges that she has always been supportive of him, but he failed to recognize her positive attributes. He unjustly accused her of things. Taneja commends Ishani for being an ideal daughter-in-law and valuing her traditions. Ishani confesses that she should have told the truth but Bhupen had made her lie. She apologizes to Kiran for her mistake, and Kiran acknowledges that she was blinded by anger and hurt Ishani for not understanding the truth. Yash acknowledges Ishani’s sacrifices and dedication to Shiv, and Puja arrives and pledges to help them secretly. Ishani asks them not to exaggerate her contributions, and Shiv embraces her with joy. Tina compliments them as the ideal couple, and Kiran expresses her desire to invite Jagdish and Sulochana.

Later, Kiran presents Ishani with a traditional bangle and declares her as the elder daughter-in-law, and gifts the same to Yash and Puja. Sulochana gifts a necklace to Ishani and mentions that her mother gifted it to her. Ishani indicates that Puja deserves all the gifts and admits that Sulochana is like a mother to her. Rachana apologizes to Puja for her mistake, and Taneja remarks that three weddings are on the horizon. Lal requests that they play music, and everyone dances together. Shiv takes Ishani away for some romantic time, and they snap a selfie.

[Episode End]

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