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Kundali Bhagya 21 May 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 21 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

Rakhi, tears streaming down her face, confesses that she had come to the temple solely to pray for her daughter-in-law. However, to her astonishment, she saw her right in front of her before she suddenly vanished. Rakhi explains that the priest performs daily rituals and pleads with him to pray on her behalf, hoping that she will once again see her daughter-in-law, as she cannot forget her. Preeta considers giving some laddoos to the priest but is interrupted by Daljeet, who suggests they should return home due to the late hour. Preeta agrees, intending to offer the laddoos to the priest at their house instead.

The priest at the temple suggests that Rakhi’s experiences might be manifestations of her thoughts, adding that they cannot act against the will of the deity, Mata Rani. Rakhi implores him to pray once for her to have a chance to see her daughter-in-law. Before leaving, Rakhi asks the priest to convey her message to her daughter-in-law, expressing that she still hasn’t been able to forget her. Rakhi departs, revealing that she wore a pink dress that day, leaving the priest deep in thought.

Meanwhile, Palki sits in her room, fixated on the door. Rajveer enters with a cold drink, explaining that everyone was thirsty, including himself. Palki, standing up, mentions that she felt today was the day she had to speak up or else she might not get the chance tomorrow. Rajveer asks her what she means, and she responds by saying that she might leave. He inquires if there is a specific reason for her statement. Palki clarifies that she simply wanted to express her gratitude for everything he has done for her, acknowledging that since she met him, she has understood the true meaning of friendship, as all relationships begin with being friends. Rajveer admits that he feels the same way about friends, and Palki struggles to articulate that he has become incredibly important to her. She silently prays for his presence in her life. Rajveer smiles, hands her the glass, and encourages her to drink, assuring her it will make her feel good. He then leaves with the tray, leaving Palki lost in her thoughts about how her relationship with Rajveer has evolved. She sits down, crying, contemplating how difficult it will be to leave him, knowing that he has always cared for her.

Rakhi is strolling away when Pandit Ji suddenly recalls how she had requested him to convey a message to her future daughter-in-law, emphasizing her own inability to forget her. Rakhi had mentioned that her daughter would be wearing a pink dress. As the memory flashes in Pandit Ji’s mind, he attempts his best to halt Rakhi, but she remains oblivious to his pleas and continues on her path.

At that moment, Preeta approaches Pandit Ji and beseeches him to sanctify a black ribbon. Daljeet discloses that she intends to adorn her daughter with it. After performing the ritual, Pandit Ji instructs Preeta to tie the purified ribbon on her right hand. Inquisitively, he asks Preeta if she recognizes the lady in the pink saree. Preeta responds, confessing her recent arrival in Mumbai and her limited acquaintance with people. She assumes that the lady might be referring to someone else. However, Pandit Ji surprises her by revealing that the lady claimed to be her daughter-in-law. Astonished, Preeta denies being married at all. Requesting Pandit Ji’s blessings, they take their leave.

In the meantime, Mr. Khurana inquires about Mohit’s whereabouts from Gurpreet, who informs him that he is still at home. Mr. Khurana informs Gurpreet that the guests will be arriving soon. Just then, Ketan enters the house accompanied by his family. Gurpreet grows anxious, realizing that Preeta and Daljeet have not yet returned from the temple. Worriedly, she asks Mahi to arrange some refreshments for her in-laws, and sends Rajveer to fetch her aunt and Daljeet from the temple.

Rakhi approached the car and was taken aback when she realized the bag was still inside. She urgently requested the driver to wait for a moment while she retrieved the bag to give it to some underprivileged children. Little did Rakhi know that the girl distributing gifts to the impoverished kids was actually Preeta. Curious, Rakhi inquired with someone nearby about where she could find children who would appreciate receiving clothes as gifts. Determined, Rakhi began walking towards them as Preeta and Daljeet departed to gather more presents.

After handing the clothes to the destitute children, Rakhi turned around and started crossing the road, while Preeta, engrossed in her task, looked in the opposite direction. Unbeknownst to Rakhi, she heard Preeta’s voice cautioning the children not to eat with unwashed hands. Startled, Rakhi turned around and was astonished to see Preeta standing before her. She struggled to believe her own eyes, wondering if she was hallucinating since she wasn’t even in the temple where such thoughts might arise. Rakhi attempted to call out to Preeta, but her voice went unheard.

Determined to reach Preeta, Rakhi hastily tried to cross the road but ended up getting hit by a car, falling onto the pavement. Rajveer, witnessing the accident, rushed to assist her. He helped Rakhi regain her footing, but she kept insisting that she had been standing right there and couldn’t understand where Preeta had gone. Concerned, Rajveer urged her to sit on a nearby bench and requested a bottle of water. Pouring her a glass, he implored Rakhi to drink it, showing his affection for her. Rakhi, still bewildered, finally took a sip of the water.

Realizing Rakhi was injured, Rajveer mentioned that he knew a doctor and suggested taking her to see him. Despite Rakhi’s insistence that she had her own car, Rajveer politely declined to argue with an elder. Reluctantly, Rakhi agreed to his suggestion. Rajveer dialed Preeta’s number and informed her of the situation, only to learn that she had already left for Palki’s house. Rajveer assisted Rakhi into the car and promptly settled in beside her.

Rakhi gazes at Rajveer, her eyes fixed on him, leaving him startled and prompting him to inquire about the reason behind her intense stare. In response, Rakhi explains that he resembles her son, to which Rajveer retorts that she should then heed his advice. He advises her to always look before crossing the road. Emotions well up within Rakhi as she witnesses Rajveer’s concern.

Preeta and Daljeet make their way into the house, and Daljeet urges Ketan not to touch her feet but rather embrace her. She promises to bring sweets for him. Preeta intervenes, informing Daljeet that she will take care of all the preparations in the kitchen, while Daljeet should go and get ready. Daljeet points out that there are many arrangements to handle, but Preeta, with a smile, replies that as the mother of the bride, she must look fresh.

Rajveer enters the house accompanied by Rakhi, who is limping. Rakhi is taken aback to discover a celebration underway. Rajveer gestures towards Preeta, but before Rakhi can catch sight of her, someone obstructs her view by standing in front of her. Rajveer, brimming with excitement, is about to depart, but Rakhi firmly grasps his hand. He apologizes, admitting his impulsiveness. Rajveer then requests Rakhi to accompany him. Ketan’s mother recognizes her and extends greetings. Rakhi reveals that she is a patient, but Rajveer interjects, asserting that she is their esteemed guest, leaving Rakhi bewildered.

[Episode End]

Precap : Rakhi acknowledges witnessing an abundance of affection reflected in Rajveer’s eyes for Palki. Overwhelmed with emotion, Rajveer admits that his sentiments are common for individuals their age. Sensing the impending conclusion, Palki confides in Rajveer, expressing a sense of everything coming to an end. Rajveer, taken aback, pleads with her not to marry Ketan, leaving Palki in a state of shock.

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