Junooniyatt 10th May 2023 Written Story Update

Junooniyatt 10th May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The scene commences with Gurinder confronting Gurpeet about her support for Parineet’s decision to terminate her pregnancy. Gurinder reminds Gurpeet of how she had praised Parineet at her wedding and questions her about whether she feels any shame for supporting her now. Parminder intervenes and requests Gurinder to refrain from speaking to Gurpeet in such a tone. Gurinder retorts that Gurpeet does not deserve any respect because of her actions.

Gurpreet retaliates by asserting that Gurinder cannot be trusted, to which Gurinder retorts that she had allowed Parineet to stay in her house, despite her wedding being cancelled twice. Gurpreet counters by stating that she had not arranged her daughter’s wedding hastily, unlike Gurinder who had gone to her house to sell her son. Gurpreet accuses Gurinder of buying her son and taking land from her, which enrages Gurinder.

Parminder attempts to quell the situation by reminding them that they are family and should not fight amongst themselves. She suggests that if Parineet is unwilling to carry the baby, then it is better to abort the child, and they have no objections to it.

According to Gurpreet, she had considered Parineet to be like her own daughter. However, if she truly trusted Parineet, she would not have asked her to terminate her pregnancy. Gurinder, on the other hand, accuses Gurpreet of pretending to be innocent while humiliating Parineet. Gurpreet staunchly defends her daughter and refuses to entertain any negative remarks made against her. Despite this, the two women end up arguing with each other. Gurpreet ultimately decides that it’s better to reveal the truth to Neeti rather than argue with Gurinder and her allies. She feels that they did not do anything good for Parineet and plans to report them to the police station. Gurpreet is willing to make formal complaints against them for cheating and demanding dowry, even if it means being framed as a thief for staying silent in the past for Parineet’s sake.

Upon arriving, Bebe immediately inquires about what is happening. Parminder anticipates that Bebe will cause a commotion over the matter, but Gurinder refuses to listen. Bebe asserts that Parineet made a mistake and sent her mother to create a disturbance, and that she was caught in the act. Gurpreet counters that falsehoods do not endure. Bebe insists that Parineet is a liar who created a scene. Gurpreet, however, insists that Parineet does not know how to act and that she acted out of concern for Neeti’s happiness, with no intention of terminating the pregnancy. Gurpreet adds that if anyone is at fault, it is Neeti. Bebe asks Gurpreet why she is present, and Gurpreet threatens to reveal their lies. Gurinder clarifies that the baby is not Parineet’s, and therefore, she has no claim to it. Neeti is the child’s biological mother, and Parineet is merely a surrogate. If Neeti decides to terminate the pregnancy, she has the right to do so. Bebe is taken aback by Gurinder’s supportive stance, and Parineet arrives and embraces her.

In this situation, Bebe believes it’s the appropriate time to escalate things further. Parineet questions why Bebe is there at that moment, to which Bebe replies that she’s creating drama. Although Parineet invites her inside, Gurpeet refuses, explaining that she won’t set foot in that place. Gurpeet asks Bebe why she isn’t considering her own future, despite the fact that they are causing her pain and she’s bearing it. Parineet informs Gurpeet that the doctor lied to everyone, resulting in a misunderstanding between them, and even Neeti supported it. Parineet begs Parminder to confirm whether or not she did anything to harm Neeti. However, Gurpreet considers it a waste of time to converse with them, as they’re selfish individuals who take advantage of her. Parineet disagrees and supports them, but Gurinder requests her to stop creating drama. Bebe provokes Gurinder against Parineet, causing Gurinder to side with Neeti’s decision. Parminder scolds them for causing a disturbance and demands Gurinder take Bebe away from there. Parminder apologizes to Gurpeet on behalf of the others and offers her a place to stay for the night, but Gurpeet declines and asks Parineet to take care of herself while asserting her support for Parineet’s decisions.

Tao Ji notices Parminder’s evident concern and acknowledges her thoughts about Parineet. He emphasizes the importance of making the right decision, as it is a matter of morality. Parminder then informs him of Gurpreet’s arrival and recounts the situation to him. Tao Ji agrees with her perspective and believes that Parineet is not at fault. Although having an abortion may be considered wrong, it is unfair to punish her in this manner. Tao Ji notes that they trusted Parineet blindly before and it is unjust to doubt her now, specifically about the baby. While the past cannot be changed, Tao Ji urges Parminder to make a wise decision and not succumb to wrongdoing. He recognizes that everything seems to be against Parineet, but he affirms that she will not stoop to that level.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sanju expressed disbelief to Parineet over something she had done. In response, Parineet pleaded with him to trust her and stay by her side. At the same time, Sanju had a meeting with the police who revealed to him that Raghu was responsible for attacking Parineet. Bebe then contacted Raghu to discover the truth behind the matter.

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