Imlie 11th May 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 11th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene opens with Chini’s clandestine arrival at the summer camp. Her objective is to verify whether Imlie is present or not. She prays that it is just her imagination. Chini approaches the Director’s office and catches sight of the guard, prompting her to conceal herself. Meanwhile, Imlie sneezes and Kairi assists her by drying her hair. She remarks that her father also dries her hair in a similar fashion. Elsewhere, Arto dries his hair with a towel and reminisces about Kairi. He visualizes Imlie and then hurls the towel at the mirror. Kairi informs Imlie that she will bring a magic bottle for her, which Arto also provides. However, Imlie discovers that it is actually kadha.

As Chini is about to view Imlie’s photo, the guard enters the cabin, and she ducks under the desk to evade him. Chini notes that the security is strict, which is beneficial for Kairi, but it also poses a risk of getting caught. The security officer suspects that a burglar has infiltrated the camp, as a photo frame falls to the ground. Kairi apprehends Chini and asks her why she has come to the Kid’s summer camp. Chini claims that she is hiding from the guards because she also wanted to see the summer camp.

Dhairya inquires of Rudra and Shivani if they had spoken to Imlie since a heavy storm occurred in Goa. He attempts to call her but she is not answering. Devika questions his motives for showing concern for Imlie, who is Arto’s wife. Akash adds to the skepticism, questioning why Rudra always supports Dhairya, who seems to have a covetous eye for anything that belongs to Arto. Akash becomes frustrated, labeling Dhairya as deceitful after being unable to go to the office due to one of Dhairya’s mistakes. Meanwhile, Kairi asks Chini to make kadha for Princess Aunty. However, Chini questions whether Kairi has forgotten her best friend. Kairi reassures her and Chini prepares the kadha. Kairi describes Imlie’s beauty, causing Chini to feel insecure. Elsewhere, Arto mentions that he would have made kadha for Kairi, and Imlie suddenly appears before him. She questions why he cannot return to her, as he has missed her a lot. Arto responds by stating that Imlie chose Dhairya over him and was unable to wait for her husband. She then asks if Kairi never reminds him of her, to which Arto admits that Kairi’s smile is similar to hers. However, he harbors resentment towards Kairi for not wanting to bring her into the world. Imlie disappears, and upon searching for Kairi, she discovers that a thief is in the camp and advises everyone to tighten the security.

Dhairya expresses that if Imlie genuinely doesn’t wish to communicate with him, he respects her decision. Shivani notices Dhairya’s affection for Imlie but acknowledges his struggle to express it. Despite Devika’s refusal to accept him after losing her son, Shivani considers Dhairya a member of their family. Shivani advises him not to suppress his emotions for too long, as she had also regretted doing so in the past. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Chini inquires if Princess Aunty is more attractive than her. Kairi reassures Chini that she will always remain her closest friend, and nobody can replace her. Suddenly, Imlie enters the kitchen, startling everyone present.

[Episode End]

Precap : Imlie is on a search for Kairi, when suddenly the latter tumbles into a pit. Upon realizing what has happened, Kairi implores Imlie to rescue her, leaving the latter shocked.

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