Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 14th May 2023 Written Story Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 14th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene begins with Sai serving meals to her family members and colleagues. She offers Amba a taste of her homemade Puran Poli, which Amba tries and enjoys. Satya then suggests that Sai must also eat since she made everyone else eat, so he serves her food and proceeds to feed Savi as well. Meanwhile, Sheetal and Rani praise Sai’s luck in having Satya as her husband, who maintains a good relationship with Vinu and Savi. However, Amba overhears their conversation and expresses her concerns to her mother, stating that while Sai may have a good husband, what about her own son?

After the incidents at the birthday party, Virat drinks beer while reflecting on what happened. Meanwhile, Sai is thrilled that Vinu has accepted her as his mother and happily falls asleep. The next day, Sai has to force-feed Tiffin to Savi, and Vinu calls her “Aayi” over the phone, making her very happy. Sai arranges to send tiffin and dry fruits to Vinu, who tells her that he is getting ready for school by himself. However, Virat reminds Vinu that he is getting late and needs to hurry to school. While on the call, Satya is seen adjusting Sai’s hair, which makes Virat feel jealous. However, Satya assures Savi that he will not let anything trouble Sai. Finally, Sai asks Vinu to go to school, and he asks Virat to take him.

As Sai is leaving for the hospital, she tells Satya not to repeat what he did. Unfortunately, Satya doesn’t hear her and asks for clarification. Just then, Amba arrives and urges them to hurry home because they need to shop for the upcoming Vath Savitri puja. Sai will fast for Satya and perform the puja, and the rest of the family members express their intention to also fast. Sai observes quietly.

Bhavani brings up the question of who will fast for Virat now that Pakhi has left, and Virat enters the room and responds with despair, saying there’s no need for him to live and therefore no need for anyone to fast for him. Bhavani urges him not to talk like that.

Satya told Sai at the hospital that she didn’t have to fast for him and suggested that she pretend to fast for him instead. However, Sai insisted on fasting for him because it was their tradition and because she was his wife. Sheetal commented that Satya was lucky, and Satya felt happy.

Suddenly, Rani interrupted them and informed them that there was an emergency – the Senior Police Officer was in critical condition and his family had brought him to the hospital. Sai and Satya rushed to see the commissioner and were shocked by his condition. Shreya, the commissioner’s wife, was also there but she was too upset to provide any information.

Satya directed the nurse to take them to the operating theater while Sai comforted Shreya. Meanwhile, Virat arrived at the hospital and asked the receptionist about the commissioner. The receptionist informed him that Sai and Satya were treating him in the operating theater.

Inside the operating theater, Satya instructed Shreya not to move her blood as it could worsen her condition. Sai asked Shreya about what had happened and Shreya revealed that her father had been attacked. Sai comforted Shreya while Surva arrived and said that they needed to perform surgery.

Outside, Virat noticed the commissioner’s wife in shock and tried to console her. She told him that someone had fired a rocket at her husband, causing him to collapse in a pool of blood.

Virat inquires if there was any explosion in the vicinity. The person he asks denies any such incident. However, Virat realizes that the explosion had taken place in the heart of the Commissioner. When Sai requests Shreya to remove her hand, Virat intervenes and urges her not to do so. Sai and Satya insist that Virat leave, as they need to conduct the surgery. However, Virat expresses confidence in his abilities and insists on staying. When he learns that an X-ray has not been performed, Virat asks Shreya to describe the sensation she feels under her hand. Shreya says that she senses some metal. Virat asks the doctors to step out of the OT and explains his suspicions to them. Surva, Satya, and Sai are concerned about the safety of other patients. Nevertheless, Virat convinces them not to inform anyone and promises to ensure the safety of other patients. He requests them to conduct the X-ray in the OT and agrees to call in his backup team. The doctors finally agree to his plan.

[Episode End]

Precap : In the scene, Virat is depicted having a conversation with Kadam over the phone. He informs Kadam about an emergency situation at a hospital and requests him to dispatch a backup team. Virat also instructs Kadam to alert all nearby hospitals to be prepared as there may be a need to transfer patients. Additionally, Virat contacts Sanjay and urges him to come to the hospital. Meanwhile, a man is seen entering the operating theatre.

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