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Dil Diyaan Gallaan 10th May 2023 Written Story Update

Dil Diyaan Gallaan 10th May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The scene opens with Kushwant informing Sukhi that he has successfully carried out his plan of revenge. Sukhi inquires how he managed to convince Riya. Kushwant responds by saying that Riya believes the wedding to be a sham. Just then, he notices Amrita and attempts to halt her progress, but his efforts are futile. Riya and Dollar rise from their seats to begin the wedding ceremony, but Amrita intervenes and implores Riya to stop. Both Riya and Dollar turn to face Amrita. Amrita urges Riya not to succumb to Dollar’s deceitful ways and explains that he is using her anger to his advantage. Dollar accuses Amrita of betraying Riya with Veer, but Amrita shuts him down. Riya ridicules Amrita, and then instructs Dollar that they may proceed with the pheras.

In this piece of writing, we see that Amrita discloses to Riya that Dollar is actually the son of Kushwant. Upon hearing this revelation, Riya is taken aback and loses her grip on the gadbandhan. Meanwhile, Kushwant enters the scene and confirms that Dollar is indeed his offspring, further adding that half of the wedding ritual has already taken place. He makes it clear that he will not allow Riya to leave until the entire ritual is completed. Amrita intervenes and cautions Kushwant, then proceeds to take Riya away with her.

After exiting the temple, Amrita and Riya find themselves in a perilous situation as they are ambushed by Kushwant, Dollar, and their gang. Both women are trapped, but Amrita takes a stand and demands that they be allowed to leave. Dollar intervenes and instructs his henchmen to release them. Kushwant questions Dollar’s actions, but Amrita and Riya are able to leave the scene unharmed.

Dollar admonishes Kushwant, reminding him that attacking women is not an appropriate way to exact revenge on the Brar family. Kushwant becomes agitated and leaves with his gang. Meanwhile, Amrita and Riya make their way home, relieved to have escaped the dangerous situation.

In this article, Dilpreet expresses his gratitude towards Santoj for saving his life despite the risks she took. Santoj, on the other hand, expresses her concern for Dilpreet and encourages him to share his feelings to alleviate his pain. Dilpreet becomes emotional and opens up about his worries for Riya and Rana. He also acknowledges that parents always have their child’s best interests in mind, but misunderstandings often occur. Dilpreet goes as far as calling Rana “useless.” Maan arrives and reveals that Santoj was worried about Dilpreet, and advises him to trust Rana. Maan also shares his plan to build a hospital in Rana’s name to boost his confidence. Dilpreet and Santoj are moved by the gesture. Dilpreet’s friend arrives with water and takes him away, while Maan asks Santoj why Dilpreet was crying. They are interrupted by Nimrit’s call, who inquires about Rana’s whereabouts. Nimrit informs Santoj that Rana is missing, prompting Maan and Santoj to gear up and search for him.

While Santoj, Maan, and Nimrit search for Rana, Amrita brings Riya home and encourages her to change her clothes. Riya remembers Dollar’s words and decides to change. When she returns, Amrita scolds her for acting impulsively and falling into Dollar’s trap. Although Riya tries to mock her, Amrita admits that she is also guilty of not thinking clearly. She promises to leave Veer if Riya asks, but begs her not to make any rash decisions in the future. Meanwhile, Rana is found lying drunk on the road.

In light of recent events, Amrita advises Riya to exercise more caution as she believes that others may attempt to take advantage of her vulnerability. As an older sister, Amrita promises to do everything in her power to safeguard Riya and steer her towards the right path.

Upon opening the door to Riya’s room, Amrita finds Veer waiting outside. Veer is curious about the conversation between Amrita and Riya, but Amrita assures him that it’s a private matter.

Riya teases Veer about his visa application, and Veer attempts to enter her room. However, Riya stops him and declares that he has lost his privileges.

Meanwhile, Nimrit, Maan, and Santoj discover Rana in a drunken stupor with the word “Nikamma” scrawled across his back. Nimrit becomes emotional and blames Maan for Rana’s condition.

Determined to help Rana, Maan decides to take him home. Back at the house, Riya provokes Amrita by insinuating that she went to marry Dollar in order to improve her reputation. Amrita is deeply hurt by these accusations and can only watch in silence.

[Episode End]

Precap : In this scenario, Nimrit makes an attempt to erase the derogatory word “Nikamma” from Rana’s back. While Astha offers to assist, Nimrit becomes angry and lashes out at her. Meanwhile, Riya becomes emotional and begins crying. Rana is about to collapse, but Riya steps in to support him. She then warns the Brar family not to approach her father.

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