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Dheere Dheere Se 12th May 2023 Written Story Update

Dheere Dheere Se 12th May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

In the opening scene, Bhawana appears tearful while Baghat Ji questions whether she agrees to his demands. Just as Raghav is about to enter the house, he receives a phone call and leaves abruptly. Malini forcibly takes off all of Bhawana’s ornaments, and despite Vidya and Jagjeevan’s attempts to intervene, Malini commands them to remain silent. Malini then informs Bhawana that she must obey Baghat Ji’s instructions at any cost to protect their family. Baghat Ji insists that Bhawana must complete the task on her own, and Bhawana silently enters the house, much to the surprise of Malini and Bhawana.

Meanwhile, Aanchal is thrilled to receive her first salary as a nail art model, and Aarushi reminds her that they must work hard to achieve their own aspirations. Aanchal agrees, and the two prepare to return home. Back at the house, Bhawana enters her room and gazes at her photograph, while Deepak sits on the floor with tears in his eyes. Abhishek informs Dimple about the mistreatment of Bhawana by her family members, and Dimple expresses her displeasure, questioning whether this is due to Bhawana’s gender and status as a widow. Dimple notes that even Brij Mohan holds similar views about women, with Raghav being the only exception. She confides in Abhishek that she appreciates his differing perspective and finds it one of the reasons why she likes him.

Upon obtaining CCTV footage of the car that attacked Dimple, Raghav forwarded it to the inspector for investigation, despite the unclear vehicle number. While at the scene, he noticed Aanchal and Aarushi, inquiring about Aanchal’s presence and the dance class pamphlet in her hand. Aanchal appeared uneasy, prompting Raghav to question her further. Aarushi intervened, urging Aanchal to depart as they were running late. Aanchal lied about Bhawana paying her dance fees, which raised Raghav’s concern for Bhawana’s well-being.

Raghav eventually found Bhawana at a temple, where he shared a proverb about the lightening effect of sharing one’s burdens. Bhawana indirectly disclosed the events that occurred to her, including the accusations, leaving Raghav shocked. However, he encouraged her to be resilient, earning his gratitude. Bhawana appreciated Raghav’s words, which always imbued her with confidence.

At Shastri’s house, the family gathers for a meal. Malini brings out the chapatis, but upon seeing they are burnt, drops them to the ground in shock. Vidya insists that the chapatis are fine, but Bhawana arrives and Malini begins to verbally attack her. Vidya questions Malini’s accusations and asks her to explain what happened. Malini recounts everything that has occurred and places the blame on Bhawana. Jagjeevan attempts to intervene, but Malini yells at him to stay out of it. Suddenly, Bhanu shouts, startling everyone, and proceeds to drink an entire bowl of gravy. He declares his intent to destroy the family, and Malini suggests that he is possessed by an evil spirit and accuses Bhawana of being responsible. Amit contacts Bhagat Ji, who orders Bhanu to be tied up until he arrives. Bhanu points at Bhawana and promises to destroy them all, leaving her shocked.

[Episode End]

Precap : Baghat Ji hands Bhawana a white cloth and instructs her to change it. Meanwhile, Raghav expresses to God that he cannot bear to witness the ongoing mistreatment of Bhawana. He then takes a handful of vermillion and proceeds to the Shastri’s residence where he applies it to Bhawana’s hairline, leaving everyone stunned.

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