Bekaaboo 14th May 2023 Written Story Update

Bekaaboo 14th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Ranav approaching Bela, informing her that everyone has left for home and inviting her to come along. However, he notices that she has a fever and offers to call a doctor. Bela declines, fearing that if the doctor takes her blood for tests, her identity as a fairy will be exposed. She pleads with him not to call the doctor, as she is also afraid of injections. Ranav agrees and takes care of her instead. As he observes her shivering, he decides to remove his shirt and lay next to her while hugging her. The song “Tu Chaaun Hai” plays as he uses his powers to keep her warm.

Meanwhile, Mandodari becomes furious and destroys the forest. She admits that despite her efforts as Paatali, she has been unsuccessful and has been defeated by Shesh Naagin and Paris. She becomes fixated on finding the Pari who foiled her plans and vows to kill her. Yamini confronts Mandodari, accusing her of having ulterior motives for returning. Mandodari acknowledges her true intentions and confirms that she is searching for a specific Pari to take down.

Bela wakes up to find herself beside Ranav and is shocked. Ranav reveals that they spent the night together and that she had kissed him. Bela is devastated and denies that it could have happened. Ranav shows her the fake lipstick marks on his neck, admitting that he had made them himself. Bela realizes that he has tricked her and feels foolish. Ranav then informs her that they need to leave since she had a fever and they have other responsibilities.

She is experiencing dizziness and believes that caution is necessary until her powers are restored. Mandodari suggests that their Rakshas family must gain strength, and she has returned to protect them. Yamini states that the desire for power lies with Mandodari, not herself, and that she only sought a Pari for Adi to marry, Mallika. Despite being a Pari, Mallika was spared by Yamini, and she saved Ranav. Mandodari questions why Mallika was not eliminated and compares Yamini’s sons to rats. Yamini refutes this, stating that her sons are not like Mandodari’s sons who perished due to a fairy. She confirms that Mallika is indeed a fairy as her touch made the flowers bloom, although no evidence of fairy powers has been observed since then.

Mandodari suggests that if the person claiming to be Pari is genuine, they should have taken her tests to confirm it. She is determined to uncover the truth and believes that if the person is indeed Pari, she wants them for herself. Mandodari notices a bangle that belonged to the Pari who killed Ashwat and is convinced that the same Pari has the Ati astra, which has been stolen. She thinks that Ranav is the only person who can help her in finding the Pari.

Later, Ranav and Bela return home and are greeted warmly by Deepa and Dadi. Mandodari observes as Bela expresses her gratitude to Ranav for taking care of her. Dadi performs aarti for them while Mandodari watches. Bela enquires about the servant’s daughter’s admission, and Ranav offers to pay for it. Mandodari believes that Bela is trying to change Ranav’s nature and make him vulnerable.

Mandodari and Yamini get into an argument about whether Mallika is a fairy or not. Mandodari lays some live wires on the floor, hoping to provoke an attack that will draw out Mallika. Yamini protests, but Mandodari insists that it is the Pari’s duty to save innocent humans. However, Dadi arrives, causing them to hide, and the wires end up electrocuting Adi. Dadi and Mallika rush to his aid while Mandodari and Yamini watch. Mandodari plans to launch another attack, hoping that Mallika will come to Dadi’s rescue. She starts cooking kheer for Ranav while planning her next move.

Mandodari requested Dadi’s help, and she agreed to assist her. Meanwhile, Mallika was present, and Mandodari asked her to come and help in the kitchen. However, Mallika refused, and Mandodari questioned if she was a fairy. Mandodari scolded her and insisted that she come and help. Mallika made an excuse and left, but she accidentally started a fire in the kitchen, which caused Dadi and Mallika to get trapped. Mallika shouted for help, and Yamini saw Shekhar approaching and pretended to be concerned for his mother.

Mandodari stopped Shekhar from entering the kitchen, but he insisted on saving his mother. Bela arrived and rescued Mallika, while Ranav saved Dadi. During the chaos, Mandodari noticed Bela in the fire, and she also fainted. Ranav rushed to her aid and swallowed all the flames to save her. Dadi acknowledged that Bela had saved her life, and Ranav asked her to open her eyes. Bela regained consciousness and inquired about Dadi’s condition, to which Ranav replied that she was fine. He then tended to Bela, while Mallika and Yamini explained their unsuccessful attempts to extinguish the fire.

Ranav urges Bela to take a break and they depart, leaving Mandodari to contemplate the events that had just unfolded. She concludes that it was merely a test. Shekhar reprimands Yamini, reminding her that she had promised to never harm his mother and that she didn’t understand the true meaning of love. Yamini pleads her innocence, stating that she hadn’t intended to hurt Shekhar’s mother. Shekhar asks her why she didn’t stop her mother from doing so. Yamini retorts by informing him that they were merely testing Mallika to see if she was a Pari or not. Shekhar embraces her, confessing his love for her while expressing his disdain for her mother. Mandodari interrupts their conversation and engages in an argument with Shekhar, but Yamini defends him. Mandodari claims that Yamini doesn’t love her and that she doesn’t desire that love. Shekhar insists that he wants to live with both of them, but Mandodari departs in a huff. Meanwhile, Bela playfully teases Ranav and jokes around with him. He reminds her that the situation was serious and that she had put her life in danger by saving his grandmother’s life. She responds by stating that his grandmother was also hers, and that she would have done the same for him. Ranav asks her what she meant, and she clarifies that she had saved him from leading a negative life and had filled his heart with love. Ranav insists that he will never fall in love with her and that he is a devil, not her husband. Bela playfully remarks that she will teach him how to love, and Ranav playfully pushes her away. She admires his cute smile and encourages him to wear bright colors, but he warns her not to try to change him. In the end, Ranav breaks into a smile, and Bekaboo… plays in the background.

[Episode End]

Precap : Yamini was confronted by Mandodari in a sudden attack. However, just as things were about to get out of hand, Bela came to the rescue and used her fairy powers to save Mallika. The unexpected turn of events left both Mandodari and Yamini in a state of shock. Mallika, still reeling from the encounter, asked Bela if she was indeed a fairy. Just then, Ranav appeared on the scene and caught a glimpse of Bela.

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