Pantera Capital Set to Close $1.3B Blockchain Fund

Pantera Capital plans to close the Pantera Blockchain Fund, its first blockchain fund, in the next three to four weeks with about $1.3 billion in committed capital, according to an investor conference call.

The amount is more than double the $600 million target when the company began fundraising last November. Pantera last month said commitments then had surpassed $1 billion.

The fund was launched during a record-setting period for crypto investment vehicles, including a $2.5 billion fund from Paradigm that also begun in November.


Pantera also outlined its near-term road map, including plans for a second blockchain fund in 2023. Franklin Bi, director of portfolio development at Pantera, said the follow-up will have essentially the same objectives as the initial fund – new deals in early-stage, private tokens and venture capital.

“We will come back with a larger and more diversified and probably longer-investment-period growth-stage fund, say in 2024,” Bi added, speaking about the firm's plans beyond the second blockchain fund.

The investor call was for the new Pantera Select Fund announced last week with a $200 million commitment to invest in “more mature, revenue generating companies,” according to a client letter.

The Select Fund was Pantera’s fifth, joining the Bitcoin Fund, Early-Stage Token Fund, Liquid Token Fund and Blockchain Fund. Select is “smaller, more targeted and therefore more concentrated than a typical growth fund,” Pantera said. The deadline for limited partners to get in on the Select Fund is May 1.

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